Super Mario Inspired Wooden Frame Art Looks Quaint

Of all the things that are artistic, wooden frames with pictures on them are some of the most romantic, and aesthetically appealing. There is nothing better than a small wooden frame with a great picture to place on the table or hang on the wall, for it shows people who you are and what message you are trying to convey. Mikhail St-Denis has designed the 5 by 5 wooden frame, which comes with an inherent art in it.

The first one that you could notice is the Super Mario Brothers World, which comes with the picture of mushrooms, stars and grenades from the Super Mario series.

There is also the cool New Super Mario World frame that has a mushroom too, and one of the houses.

If you are not a great fan of Super Mario, you could also check out the EnviroMental, which comes with a green message about how we must take care of our fragile environment.

The Monster Monster is another interesting wooden frame art that is up for sale. These wooden frames cost $120 and have quaint borders and colorful artwork. Super Mario Brothers have inspired a lot of artists to create wonderful pieces of work. Take a look at the Super Mario Quilts. The Super Mario Brothers Truffles are mouth watering.