Felt iPad Designed: Introducing the iFelt

Fans are usually crazy and they are crazier than usual when they belong to Apple, and with the company’s recent product, the Apple iPad is surely awaited eagerly by the whole world and the countdown has already begun for its shipping date and as usual, many fans would be losing their sleep over it. We can’t help with the launch of iPad but there is one way which at the very least, will help you have a good sleep till iPad gets public available. Built your own iPad. Surprised… you have got reasons for that but one of the fans has gone practically into the idea and got his own iPad (cushion) made by him only (pictured below). I wonder if he could make one and ship it to me!

Well… we are talking about a reader at CultOfMac, Jason Guest who has developed an iPad for himself. Obviously no multitouch, gaming and unforgettable 145000 apps and other real iPad goodies but it may very well help Jason with decent worry-free sleep by owning an iPad. Lets hope colleagues of Jason (I mean other fans of Apple) don’t feel jealous and start losing their sleep over it.

The dummy iPad has been named iFelt by Jason, who has tried to put some apps also (at least, icons say so). Its not that thin but it will not break when thrown even from the roof of the building. It does have a logo, not a glowing one, at the back.

While the dummy does not support any of the games available at the Apple Appstore, it can help you in having a good gaming time in case you wanna play a game around it. Well, you can play catch and throw and host of other games (using it as cushion) as suits you better, or at least use it as a pillow for your pet, if not for you. You surely can put it to other uses. Lets hear them in comments!

Other than the iFelt we discussed above, there is another fan created apple product which will surely be worth your time, in the form of Apple iBook G4 clock mode. Plus, You would not want to miss Apple’s Black Hole concept by designer Josselin Ziagouche, mind boggling! Lastly, the hilarious iPants would also be a great Apple fashion item.