Electric Bike Concept Ver2 Here as 24/7 Charger for Gadget Junkies

Designer Yuji Fujimura has deviated from the conventional bike designs with his second version of his electric bike, going beyond his previous invention of Lounge Chair Workstation. This Electric Bike Concept version 2, entitled as EBIQ has the efficiency and technical specifications which will leave all geeky gadget freaks dumbstruck.

EBIQ allows you brisk inter-city which generates power from a Lithium-ion battery, which is electric car battery that will get your bike going for a longer period.

When you put the EBIQ to use, it will set both the pedals at a low and comfortable position for you to put it into operation. This bike has been intentionally designed in such a way that the handlebar folds into the body to fit in compact parking spaces, which is the main concern for every human these days.

That’s not it! The rider of this fantabulous EBIQ can also store their portable gadgets like laptop, cell phone, iPod and more, in the compartment to charge them on the go. An integrated screen upfront connects to your laptop that’s stored in your compartment to access internet or web navigation on the move.

Yuji has brought in a sense a modernization with this EBIQ model, which is surely going to appeal all the workaholics and gadget junkies. If you want to know about more such gadgets that are in store for you, do check out the Wheel Rider Concept or the Scoot Electric Scooter.

Via: Design Blog