HTC Discover is an Impressive Android Smartphone

Last year we heard tha HTC Evolve was added to the HTC Smartphone category, this year it is the Discover handset designed by the same person who made Evolve, i.e., Timur Pinar that seems to take your breath away. Just like the HTC evolve tablet, HTC Discover phone too runs on Android platform. Does it remind you of HTC Hero as its looks are somewhat similar to the Hero model? The designer himself says that the design of the HTC Discover is inspired from the HTC Magic phone. But, as this is the updated model, it should have something to beat its predecessors like the HTC Magic and obviously the Hero.

What distinguishes the upcoming model is the brushed Aluminum bezel and latest concave front design to let you hold the phone for prolonged durations. This won’t make you feel tired while playing your favorite games on the Discover Smartphone. If you take a close look at the front part of the phone, you won’t see any buttons except the joystick to facilitate navigation. To keep the design clean and ergonomic, the buttons to call and rejects calls are sleekly placed on the sides of the phone.

A look at its specifications will make you say this “Hero! You are out; we have a Super Hero here” with 10 mega pixel Camera featuring autofocus to let you take premium quality snapshots. Talking about the screen, we have a 16:9 format display for brighter image reproduction and clear visuals.

To keep you connected with your friends and for business purposes, 3G plus WiFi connectivity has been incorporated in the phone. If you want to listen music with your Bluetooth headset, then be assured you can do so with the Discover phone as it also supports Stereo Bluetooth headsets. With all these features this one seems better than New Google Nexus One, what do you say?

Just when I saw this phone, I got so bewitched that I want to sell off my previous HTC model to buy this one. Has anyone any idea on whether this model will have QWERTY keyboard or not?