Dapro Camera Bag For A Geek Photographer

A professional camera man’s dream camera would be a DSLR Camera and which not only captures heart warming situations but even is the source of the person’s income and fame. But sadly, there are many situations when it’s not possible to carry the camera on hand. Actually it’s never possible because these are so costly that even a slightest mistake by the person can damage these sensitive wonderful devices.

So keeping all that in mind, here is your camera’s mobile dwelling. This is “The daPRO Camera Bag” which is not only aesthetically awesome but its efficient enough to keep your precious camera for a long. Its Comfortable Padded Sling Strap is adjustable in any shoulder going from left to right or even right to left depending upon your comfort level.

It also comes with a dual zipper top-loading camera access panel which allows you to quickly draw your camera out from the bag. An additional weather proof cover is provided for “Jet pack” is conveniently stored in a bottom compartment enabling you to take photos whether it’s raining or during snow fall. There is an additional utility pouch for small tools and markers along with zippered memory card storage space. The best part is that it fits all SLD/DSLR cameras with up to 2 camera bodies, 4 lenses and with 3 additional lenses with room for flash.

Along with the cameras, there is also an exterior tripod strap which can be removed for leaner design and stored when not in use. Additional pocket has also been provided for your iPhone/MP3 players in front of the strap and like normal bags, you can also keep your bottle on the exterior mesh pocket.

Being made of excellent 600 Denier polyester and with heavy duty hardware and side clips, it will surely last for a long time and if this one has won your heart then you can have it for $74.95.

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