Get Yourself a Signed Star Trek Tricorder

star trek tricorder gadget

If you have ever felt like prancing around in a lycra jumpsuit, basted in a thin coat of sparkly gold paint, which I know you have., then this Star Trek Gadget could make a great addition. Well when you get that urge to L.A.R.K about, you might want to consider accessorizing with this nifty little gizmo. ‘Ha, of course I have a tricorder!’ I hear some of you say, despite the fact that my speakers are turned off…and you don’t have a microphone. Well putting that freakish spout of telekenisis aside, you probably don’t have a tricorder signed by Mr Brent Spiner, the actor who played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I used to, but I miss read tricorder as trifle and ate it…tasted like Gagh…and I hate Klingon food.

As well as brandishing a signature from everyone’s favorite synthetic psychopath, this awesome slice of Trekkie goodness also comes with a unique serial number and is limited to a production line of a measly 1000 units, worldwide. The Star Trek Starfleet Mark IX Tricorder Signature Edition Replica is based on patterns supplied by the original prop maker and comes complete with sound effects and some mesmerizing, LED light effects. It measures in at; 4-inches tall and 3 1/2-inches wide, crafted out of high quality, die-cast plastic. This particular model is based on the TR-590 series, which replaced the TR-580 model that was used in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  And to ensure that you’ll never get laid, you can perch it on your mantle piece using the display stand included in the pack. You’re going to have to dig deep into the pockets of your Starfleet issue uniform if you want one though. Priced at $348.99, this baby is gonna set you back more than a bit of loose change. If you want a holster to wing its way to you along with this shiny new toy, you can expect to add another $20 to that price tag.

For those of you that aren’t ‘down’ with the Trek — The tricorder is an invaluable scanning device, which allows away teams to check atmospheric condition, unusual minerals and pick up life-signs when exploring new worlds. It also comes with a variety of other useful functions, acting as a universal translator and being able to link with several other tricorders in order to form a powerful computer network. A handy little contraption, and a must for any Starfleet officer.

If you’re one of those impulse buy folks, and have already decided that you’ve got to have one, you can pick it up along with Captain Kirk Chair or the Star Trek phaser which is the best thing since cap guns.