Touch Screen Controlled Lego Airbus A380

Lego toys are no longer the predominant interests of children alone for even adults like the challenging new sets that the toy company puts forth each time.

The latest in the long list of Lego toys is the Touch Screen Controlled Lego Airbus A380, which is perhaps the longest airplane ever created by Lego.

The biggest attraction of this airplane is that it has a touch screen, which is controlled by a computer program, thereby making it very special for all Lego lovers.

The program helps operate five movie scenes on the airbus as well as controlling the engines and the servos.

Using the computer program and touch screen, you can actually move the flaps on the plane, open the cargo doors, activate the lights, raise the brakes, throttle the engine and play with the gears, all of which give you the impression that you are actually flying an airbus.

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Via: Gizmodo