Laser Cut Dollar Bill Art Provides Artistic Value

There are numerous intensified laser arts in the form of ice sculptures, paintings, glass but tattoo artist Scott Campbell went ahead to give another creative stroke of laser arts with Laser Cut Dollar Bills. This talented American artist effectively displayed a series of cool artworks by laser cutting stacks of one dollar bills. Its an great concept and awesome finished product.
He portrayed some precise cutting with a series of laser-cut etchings, each on a stack of $1 bills. This work was recently shown at the O.H.W.O.W. gallery in Miami which was a part of his Make It Rain solo show. The collection showed a sampling of the artist’s dark and beautiful undertones of laser work. They are visually stunning. He has put his talent where the money is, literally, with these incredible laser cut dollar bills. Designs range from a spider web to barbed wire. If you like to have a collection of artistic, look out for the geekish but Funny Currency Notes or the new Lady Gaga Dollars.

He has wandered into a total new medium of laser-edge work. You should visit his tattoo shop, Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg, to check out the other super-cool collection of his artwork.