Happy 55th Birthday Steve Jobs: Tribute to the Apple Icon

steve jobs birthday

We wanted to take a moment and wish Steve Jobs a Happy 55th Birthday, for today in 1955 the iconic entrepreneur was born and since then, his inventions, designs, and visions have seen their way into our daily lives. In case you are not aware, he is the man behind the Apple Macintosh computer (along with Steve Wozniak), the ever so popular iPod, the trendy iPhone, and the upcoming Apple iPad (along with other developments and innovations). So here again…Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!

As a tribute to the Man, the Legend, and the Tycoon, we gathered a number of previous Walyou posts that show the various personalities of Steve Jobs, Apple fan’s artwork depicting the Mythical Leader, and other fun stuff that will provide a good look back at the man in various Geeky ways.

Steve Jobs Plush Toy

steve jobs plush doll birthday

Apple Geek girls would love to cuddle with their favorite geek with the Steve Jobs plush doll which makes the Entrepreneur into a cuddle toy but still maintains his tough guy facial expression.

Steve Jobs Bowling Pin

steve jobs bowling pin birthday

This Steve Jobs Bowling Pin is a cool art piece that could be for both Apple fans and the others, for it is a funny remake of the Apple tycoon and could also be used to knock the big guy down for once.

Jobs Vs. Gates

steve jobs vs. bill gates birthday

It is not new that there is a certain reef between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, so this cartoon Pirate Fight between the two entrepreneurs is something fun to watch for Apple and Microsoft fans without causing any real harm.

Steve Jobs Papercraft

steve jobs papercraft toy birthday

This cute Steve Jobs Papercraft was first released after the first generation iPhone and is influenced by the iPhone’s announcement as can be seen with Steve displaying so to the entire audience of Macworld.

Steve Jobs Font

steve jobs font art birthday

Apple fans would truly appreciate the Steve Jobs Font Art display that remakes a famous image of the Apple CEO using various Apple Fonts and words from the “Here’s to the crazy ones” ad campaign that Apple had in the 90’s.

Steve Jobs Hosts the Mac Dating Game

steve jobs mac dating game birthday

Back in the days before the iPod or iPhone, Steve Jobs hosted the Mac Dating Game that included Bill Gates as one of its participants. The video really shows the difference in appearance between the two giants, but it is fun to see the two getting along.

Steve Jobs Collage

steve jobs collage birthday

As many already know, Apple fans really look up to Steve Jobs, and you can clearly see the love and inspiration in the Steve Jobs Collage. The cool thing about this portrayal of Steve is that he is made completely out of various Apple products including the iPhone, iMac, Mac OS and other official Apple products.

The Simpsons Introduce Mapple

the simpsons apple steve jobs birthday

At the end of 2008, the Simpsons has made fun of Apple and did so by introducing Steve Jobs and Mapple. It was a funny parody of Apple which not all Apple followers would appreciate, yet it poked fun at some important points.

The Story Behind the iPhone

steve jobs iphone story birthday

The Story Behind the iPhone provides further insight at how just the iPhone really shook the cellphone industry and how it actually came about. It further explains Steve Jobs’ position within the story and how his vision was truly pressed.

Steve Jobs Influential Man

steve jobs influential man birthday

Last year, Steve Jobs has made it into Ask Men’s Top 49 Most Influential Men list, showing that Geeks influence just as much as a US President, a Sports Icon, or a Pop Star.