Alice In Wonderland: A Tattoo Story

Undoubtedly with the new major motion picture due out in the near future, there will no doubt be some fair weather Alice in Wonderland fans coming out of the woodwork to profess their love for all that is Alice (and Johnny Depp, as the case may be). With that in mind, I’d just like to let everyone know that you’re not a real fan unless you have just about the entire Alice in Wonderland story inked into the upper half of your body.

alice in wonderland tattoo back

There were a few things that ran through my mind when I first saw this picture. My first thought was that’s totally awesome, the second was wow that had to hurt like hell but it would have to be a great conversation starter, and finally I thought that I really hope this person trusts whoever does their tattoos. If you’re a long time reader here are Walyou, you’ve seen some pretty rad tattoo displays like the cool Tetris tattoo and of course the Pacman tattoo, but this one has to take the cake. I think given the choice between these I’d have to go with Tetris…but I guess I’m not hardcore enough to be a Disney fan if this is any indication.

Now aside from the obvious practical issues, you have to admit this is pretty cool. All of your favorite characters from the animated movie are here, including the Mad Hatter, Chershire Cat, and of course some of the card soldiers. I’d like to see a view from the front as well, but I’m not sure how much you could see without venturing into the land of inappropriate.

alice in wonderland tattoo 1alice in wonderland tattoo 2alice in wonderland tattoo 3

One has to wonder if we won’t see similar tattoos when the live action version of the story comes out. Personally I think having Johnny Depp staring at me for the rest of forever would be pretty creepy, but I’d be willing to bet there are some ladies out there who would disagree. Of course you might run into some copyright issues there…and getting a tattoo of that magnitude removed would take some serious pain and money!

Tattoo Artist: Holly Azzara Via: Rainbow Zombies Ate My Unicorn