Apple MacView Conceptual Design

Apple has always surprised us every time with different ideas and concepts beyond our imaginations, and besides the recent announcement of the upcoming Apple iPad, here is a cool Apple tablet concept, which is a stunning creation designed by Patrycjucz Brzezinski and is tagged MacView.

Unlike any other tablets, MacView is designed with a slider made of carbon fiber materials. That is, it consists of not only an 1152×720 LED touch screen display but has an additional slide panel that can be used as a keyboard. The secondary display can also be used to view files, songs, and many other applications.

Brzezinski goes ahead with his creation by amazingly making an iMac-like dock for the MacView into which the device can be placed to turn it into a full desktop machine along with a packaging for MacView!

So all Apple geeks, I am sure this is something you might have not expected. Wherever you go or you are always on a move, you can access resources anytime, and also open movie files or listen to music with this device. This could just replace your personal library with this exclusive personal computer.

This gadget also incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with a 4GB RAM. Your data would find its way to an ultra quick 1TB SSD through the means of a full OS X installation.

This potential MacView design is the most unique tablet ever portrayed and stands out from any other tablet ever invented. To check out more super-cool devices, scan through the Google Chrome OS Tablet or the previous Apple Tablet rumors.