The Recycled Alien Queen Is Here With Tip Or Two About Recycling

With recycled artwork making its presence felt in the art world, it was only a matter of time until someone with a fancy for the species movies took up the task of resurrecting the alien from the movie;  however unlike the last monstrous alien this time she was reincarnated to drive home the message of recycling with shear fear and awe.
The recycled sculpture is an assembly of over 4000 individual parts, who prior to being consolidated into this sculpture where constituent elements of  automobiles, boats, televisions and basically anything that had steel worth recycling and weighing in at 550kg and standing tall at 2.4m this alien queen will definitely make her presence felt anywhere she goes.
The craftsmanship and sheer manual labor that would have gone into creating this sculpture goes to prove that hard work is always rewarded; this time with a wicked looking alien queen that could send a shiver down Steven Spielberg’s spine. But it doesn’t end there, the artists have also taken the pains to smoothen out the sharp edges and to envelop the sculpture within layers of lacquer to protect it from prying hands.
With all this intricate detailing and ingenuity put into this design it’s no surprise that the sculpture sells for €4500, which is pretty reasonable for a work of art of this calibour.