Lord of the Rings Swords for all Geeky Warriors

This is everything a true Lord of the Rings fan could ever dream of having, ranging from an amazing Sword of Isildur to an excellent Sword of Samwise Gamgee. Displayed here are both these legendary swords’ replica that has been authentically detailed to precisely match the original swords almost exactly.

The sword of Isildur for $279.99 has been crafted with a stainless steel blade for it to last for a lifetime, with the cross guard and pommel made of metal with eye-catching brass-bronze finish to enhance the decorative display. The sword measures 47 1/2-inches long, with the blade measuring 36 1/2-inches, 1/8-inches thick, perfectly carved with finest grade materials with a custom display plaque making it just real as the one held by your hero in the movie!

If you want to go for a real majestic sword collection, then sword of Samwise Gamgee which costs $179.99, who is known for his battle with then legendary great spider, Shelob, is just perfect for you. This one is also a stainless steel replica of the original, with a leather grip, and measures 23 1/2-inches, of which the blade measures 15 1/2-inches long. The cross guard and pommel are meticulously crafted with cast metal.

Both of these swords have a laser serial numbered on the blade and marked with the appropriate copyrights to ensure authenticity. So all the geeky warriors do check these stylish swords with retro looks, just like the Steampunk Knives and Daggers, or check out the Samurai Sword USB Flash Drive and the Highlander Sword.