Are the Apple iBoard and Apple iMat the Upcoming Innovations?

apple iboard imat design gadget

We are already familiar with Apple’s designs, innovations and line extension as was seen with the announcement of the Apple iPad, but how about the iBoard and iMat (seen below) as the upcoming Gadgets from Apple?

While there is a major change between the classic iPod and actual iPhone, no one can deny that the iPad simply feels like an iPhone on Steroids. Well, can’t you say the same on the iBoard for team presentations at work or the iMat for Dance Dance revolution for Business execs?

These two new designs are not even close to being official designs from Apple, but they look rather familiar and with Steve Jobs presenting and dancing; they seem like they could fit in their repertoire…along with the fashion line extension of the iPants for the iPad. I can really hear Steve

mention how there s a larger screen and even more applications…like there simply aren’t enough yet.

A wonderful Apple parody of their products that cannot be ignored, but how many of you are laughing while using your Apple products?

Via: HardwareSphere