USB Spherical Microphone Proved To Be The Oldie Is Real Goldie With Hi-Tech Style

When the traditional beauty of any precious stuffs from the golden age bring back to this modern life with a hi-tech touch, it’s just give an awesome experiences of cherish the memory. This gorgeous “USB Spherical Microphone” fits for being your own personal Home Studio, surely with style as it gives a heritage looks from old shape of broadcasting microphone but with all new age supports.

With looks of those spherical microphones which were used decades ago by singers in stage shows, recordings and broadcasting. This one is USB connected and will surely give all the new age microphones used by professionals a good competition. Capturing clean digital sound with exquisite sound quality, this one is ideal for making podcasts, musical instruments or voice recordings in studios and even video conferencing or voice over IP telephony.

Coming with two selectable polar patterns, the cardioid allows picking up sounds coming from directly in front when the volume is full and even diminishing sounds coming from behind it. Along with front and back, its multi-directional sound capturing ability allows it to pick up sounds coming from any direction at equal volume. The bottom of the microphone ha been fixed with a pivot mount allowing you to reposition it up to 45 degree in front or back. The removable shock ring mount helps the microphone isolate the structural noise that can muddy sound.

Being made up with a fully aluminum tripod, it stands at a height of 15 ¾” while the stand can extend up to 6 ¾inches. Its flexible working with windows as well as Mac or XP/Vista makes it awesome with a price tag of $189.95.

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