iControlPad is a Game Controller for the iPhone and iPod

What makes the iPhone such a huge hit…its interface (multi-touch capacitive screen), iTunes store, Appstore or is it really something else that attracts the crowds? I am more inclined towards the Appstore which is distinct and clearly differentiates iPhone from others in its ilk. With around 145K apps (including games), Appstore is clearly a thing to watch out for. Moreover, the quality and wide range of games keeps one wondering. Really!

Speaking of games, the touchscreen does improves the experience but would not it be easier if we had a device that could attach with the iPhone and serve as a controller. Thankfully, the developer ZotTTD was listening and has come out with a controller, the iControlPad. There will be two versions of the product. One will serve as a basic controller while the second version will be able to charge your iPhone/iPod and will not put a load on your device’s battery while playing. Although there is no concrete word available on the pricing, it is obvious that the former will be cheaper than the latter.

The pad (don’t confuse with Apple iPad) will fit the iPhone into it and will feature a D-Pad and two analog joysticks coupled with four control and two function keys. Really a controller-like experience for iPhone/iPod touch gaming, which I think will come very handy when playing Action/Arcade games.

Like the pricing, expected release date is also not official till now. Moreover, the developers said that the product is under mass production, so pending details (regarding pricing and release date with availability) are just round the corner. A survey has been put up on the iControlPad.com (which looks like the official website for the product), where you can participate and let them know your personal desires from the product and a verdict on pricing and how badly you want one. If you want to experience it (yes, even before release) just ask them for a review unit of the device (at the above mentioned website), and the rest depends on your luck. Better Hurry! Not to forget, you will need a jailbroken iPhone to test the device, preferably iPhone 3GS broken with N64 emulation.

So much on that, do enjoy products like iPhone icon key chains and iFreeTablet. Goodbye, apple lovers!

Via SlashGear