Final Fantasy XII Judge Master Gabranth Action Figure

Final Fantasy XII was an awesome hit with all the PS2 console players, as a main attraction along with its outstanding story, excellent graphics and killer sound were its characters. In general though mostly the protagonist always takes away the limelight but in this game it’s different as its six heroes were really awesome but Gabranth, one of the main antagonists in the game stole all my appreciation.  I guess it became so popular with people that now you can get your own “Judge Master Gabranth Action Figure”.

In the game, he has been shown as a 36 year old Hume Judge Magister of Archadia. In the introduction of the game, his twin brother Basch has been shown to be responsible for the deaths of Reks and King Raminas. After Landis falls, Basch leaves Gabranth and his ill mother alone. After his mother dies of illness, Gabranth starts hating Basch and that’s what triggered his bad behavior with people. He loathes himself for framing his brother and performing the horrible tasks for Vayne and Empire. He also commits many sins by killing people to proof his loyalty but in the end, he attacks Vayne and is fatally injured leading to his death. Just before his death, he asks Basch to serve as Gabranth and so, his terror continues.

Along with having a strong character, his influence on the gamers is massive and I became his fan. You can have this figure for $27.12. Its size of 8 4/5 inch also makes it eye catching and looks killer. I am sure that you are going to love it.

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