Linyl Records are A Nostalgic Indulgence in an Ambiance of Light

Light is a wave form, it is a universal fact, but can we play light as we play music…that is what this project below is all about?

Way before the world got dominated by the highly portable Walkman and CD players, music (which was classical most of the time) was enjoyed on a Gramophone in a quite place with minimal lights, offering a relaxing feeling. Now some students from Interaction Design Programme, comprised of Benoit Espinola, Ishac Bertran, Natalia Echevarria and Shruti Ramiah, have pushed their brains to the limit to come up with a mechanism to play light the way music does, behold Linyl- the light playing Vinyl disc.

Linyl are colored discs created from old photos or any other means that has captured light on a paper, these are then placed under a transparent vinyl disc that has special groves like the old gramophone records, this particular combo is then placed on a special record player that is capable of playing light and creating an ambiance with a nostalgic feeling.

The record player is an old classic Phillips player with a retrofitted arm that now comprises of a color sensor (it’s means of reading the colored discs), this color sensor is then linked to an Arduino- a tool that converts the input into a set of RGB signals at the output. Now these signals are fed to a special kind of LED’s that are capable of changing hue which in turn produce the cool lighting effect, the video is a testimony to this fact.

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