Thundercats Cake Looks Utterly Delicious

ThunderCats was one of the popular animated TV series back in the 80’s with the cat like humanoid aliens from planet Thundera kept most kids back then occupied and also addicted to the TV.

The ThunderCats adventures were so gripping that even today it is one of the most popular shows watched all over the world on DVDs.

That being said, several works of art have been dedicated to this awesome show for many years with the Thundercats Xbox 360 Mod,the amazing Lion-o Plush Doll, and this time around, here is a mouth watering cake that was inspired by the classic show. JadedFallenOne baked the ThunderCats cake with a lot of effort, and her efforts certainly paid off. She even got chocolates inspired by ThunderCats with her own hands.

Her daughter must be one lucky ThunderCats fan in order to savor the joys of biting into this delicious cake. We have covered several cakes in the past which were equally delicious and geeky.

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