Legendary 30000 Lego Pieces Star Wars Droid Control Ship revealed

cool star wars lego droid ship

Creativity is the essence of soul, and this notion is of great truth and Paul Yperman, the creator of Droid Control Ship has proved his worth when he was able to build this Droid Ship which he saw in the Star Wars Cross Sections book in a second hand book shop.  Since then he was adamant that he has to build Droid Ship come what may.

star wars lego art droid ship
It took Paul two-years to complete this amazing and legendary 30000 pieces Droid Control Ship, which is now competing with Thomas Benedikt’s version of Star Wars ship. But this Ship is completely different from Thomas version, as the ship got a realistic look when several tiles and greebling elements in shades of gray were used to improvise the appearance of this wonder ship.
According to Paul, while building the center globe of the ship he got the idea from a building program on the web.

star wars droid ship lego art

It took approximately 3500 tiles to build outside structure of the Droid Ship and several Technic parts were used to complete the inside structure.  So much labor was used to build this ship as the designer has to take precautions to move/lift and take it apart the different structures of the ship without breaking it.

new star wars droid ship lego

The techie parts can now be embedded right/left and top/bottom. The outcome of it is a firm and solid and self carrying structure.  The designer was so obsessed with this dream structure that he started collecting and saving old gray parts used in the ship for several years.  Other worth mentioning Star Wars designs include Star Wars soap and Star Wars dark side apron.

lego star wars droid ship

Via : Mocpages