A Computer Keyboard Bagged Lunch

We have seen many types of computer keyboards and while some of them were sleek, glowing, illuminating and fold-able, the others were kind of weird, crazy, etc. What if your keyboard can keep your food safe? Yeah… we mean it. Just heard about the keyboard wherein you can store your eatables but there is price. Lighter pocket, yes but there is more.. this is no more a real keyboard anymore.. ya lost its functions for that matter. Lets see it 🙂

It is in fact a pouch (?) which got keyboard keys printed on it and serves you as a carry bag for your food or any other items you wanna store into it. The tool of disguise… isn’t it? But.. there is something weird.. have a close look (pictured below). Can you spot a fly on it?

Ruh-roh…! There is a fly.. Well.. not actually. If you thought that it is bad quality of the pouch that spoiled the food and hence attracted a fly on it.. you were taken wrong altogether. You know, at least the product that is used for marketing stuff is very good, quality-wise and won’t let you take notice of any defects whatsoever. No? that’s just plain vanilla marketing stuff. Then, what was it? It is just a printed fly on the keyboard that is intended to protect it from.. say your friend’s very unfriendly gaze over your eatables. Another element of disguise. Though, we wonder how many times, will it come handy.. since once the secret is out, you know the rest.

This keyboard pouch uses a Velco Strap to seal the food tight to take good care of your snacks. With this baby, your food will escape the eat-your-food stare of your colleagues who may be aiming to un-food you. Huh? I know, not everybody will be sold on this.

Plus, if you are a tech buff, this one surely adds to the style – making statement of how passionate and nerdy a geek is on technology belongings – the keyboard print does the job, it catches other’s eye perfectly (Oops! we forgot about the food safekeeping, good for a change though)!

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Via NerdApproved