Rubik Cube Inspired Table

The Rubik’s cube is an amazing game that leaves everyone puzzled, something that you will never be bored of and enlivens kids with its fun-loving design. Here comes the big brother of all the Rubik cubes, a huge Rubik Cube in the form of a table, that’s the funkiest table you would have ever seen.

Jellio store has always left us mesmerized with its amazing collections, and this one just stands out like the rest, for its incredibility lies in its simplicity. If you want to flaunt your choice of décor, opt for this cool and colorful table that stands 16-inches wide, deep and tall, and is made from 1/8-inch thick acrylic with its dazzling colors to give you an authentic look.

The Rubik’s Cube Coffee table is classic in its style and one can combine two together to make a more fitting coffee table to give a pleasant and lively ambiance in your living room. You can change the color of your top by just rotating this cube to match your mood!

This playful table will definitely remind you of a real Rubik Cube, but unfortunately it is non-functional. For the die hard fans who want to express their dedication, the Rubik’s Cube Table by Jellio is something you shouldn’t miss. It is available for $600.

If you want to be more fascinated with the Rubik cube creations, check out The Rubik Cube Slide or the Google Rubik’s Cube.