Life’s Good For LG and Pacman Fans

Ruling the early days of Gaming era and still managing to be one of the all time favorite games, Pacman finds a new path to show up once again, disguised in the logo of  one of the leading consumer gadgets industry that is L.G (Life’s Good).

we all must have seen LG’s logo, having a filled crimson red circle with a white ‘G’  in form a face while white  ‘L’ forming it’s nose at center and it also has a white spot on its top right forming it’s eye. well, by doing a simple task of just moving it’s nose (‘L’) in such a way that it’s ends attaches to the ends of the G and finally placing the eye in it’s appropriate position, we can create something that just puts us in awe, something that we all recognize as Pacman, one of our our most beloved gaming character.

You can also have a look at the other Pacman stuff that can make a way into our rooms like the Ghostly Pacman lamps or get yourself a geeky Pacman Tattoo.

via:[Nintendo Everything]

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