Gummy Bear Chandelier Swings Here, There, and Everywhere

Suppose you’re watching an old episode of Zorro and as usual our hero is horribly outnumbered, so naturally to even the odds he strikes a nearby rope that sends the ceiling chandelier plummeting to the ground on top of them, mercilessly crushing them with…Gummi bears?

I’ve seen some pretty impressive candy art before, like say the World’s Largest Gummy Bear, some good old fashioned Pacman Candy or if you’re a more recent sweet tooth a Wall-E Pinata, but this chandelier will light up your room with a unique flavor of it’s own (See what I did there?). Personally I think as an additional touch they should totally have it rotate while playing the Gummi Bears TV show theme song. You DO know how that goes right? If you don’t then go look it up right now via your local Google search. Catchy.

Now the company that makes this is a firm called Jellio which surprisingly enough specializes in off-the-wall designs like Gummi Glasses and Rubik’s Cube Tables. The gummi bears themselves are actually made out of 1″ acrylic bear treats, so don’t think about grabbing one off the light when you need an occasional sugary pick-me-up, because something tells me they won’t taste as good as they look. The ceiling plate is made from powder coated aluminum and the chandelier sports an impressive 31″ diameter. It is also powered by a 50 watt compact florescent bulb (you can go higher if you want to for especially bright Gummi bear friends). You better have this thing thoroughly secured to the ceiling though, because it weighs in at 50 lbs. Not exactly something you can throw up with some tacks or stickies.

These things aren’t easy to put together either. This “candelier” has 5,000 hand-strung gummi bears. If you’re thinking that’s a whole lot of bears…you’re absolutely right, and the process of putting one together takes a staggering two months. Calling one of these puppies limited edition would be an understatement, considering that according to Jellio only ten chandeliers will ever be made….ever. I’d love to see what this thing costs but the price isn’t readily available on the site, so you’ll have to request it yourself. I’d brace yourself for a big number though. No one puts together 5,000  hand-strung gummi bears on a 50 pound chandelier over a two month period and gives it away on the cheap.

Via: Swiss Miss