Wall-E Pinata Craft Joins Into Your Celebrations

Piñata (the extremely sweet thing to come out of Mexico) has a new makeover as our little robotic friend Wall-E and is simply looking too cute to gain enough hits to break open and spill the candy.

Over the years I have been witness to many Pinatas that ranged from simple ones to the most outrageous ones that stood around five feet high. This Wall-E Pinata is just like the standard Pinata but instead of being filled with candy, it is filled with lost of love (just joking; the original purpose remains the same).

Wall-E Pinata craft

Although this looks really cool it rather makes me a little sad to know that he will have the most inappropriate end to his life, but on the other side they bring happiness to many around. Wall-E Piñata by Victoro is made from the usual cardboard and paper mache and is custom painted to exactly resemble the Pixar production. The design has been placed with enough weak spots which on being hit will instantly shower candies and other goodies upon the children and has a ready-to-hang attachment that makes it very efficient to use.

Like the Wall-E USB Flash Drive this too sells for a steep price, $200.00 to be precise. Even though it may seem to be a little high it is very much reasonable I guess, considering the fact that Wall-E stuff are so hard to find. Another great addition to the party would be the awesome Wall-E Cake, and afterward you can get a little help in cleaning up the mess thanks to the Wall-E Roomba Vacuum Cleaner.

Via: GadgetHim