Rock-It Vibrating Speaker and Origami Speakers from OrigAudio are on My List of Fun Gadgets

rock it vibration speaker

Orig Audio creates some Fun Gadgets that should not be overlooked, for their usability and practicality gets bonus points in my book, and along with the cool looks…they definitely make my list of cool gadgets for fun times.

origami speakers

After running into them at CES 2010 earlier this year, we were happy to personally try two of their main products that are both affordable for portable music lovers and also grant an enhanced (if not plain fun) mobile listening experience. We ended up testing out the OrigAudio Origami Speakers and also the Rock-It Portable Vibration Speaker.

origami speakers orig audio

OrigAudio Origami Speakers are cool portable speakers which are extremely affordable at only $16 a pair and grant another version of keeping green along with added mobility by size and package. What does this mean? Well, in short, these speakers arrive in two cardboard squares which with very little crafting effort are folded and put together to resemble two perfectly square speakers. Both are connected with one single wire and by just plugging into your iPhone, MP3 Player, PMP or other audio or video device, provide a great audio experience. Ok, so they are not your home Bose system, but then again, they are convenient, fun, easy to carry and truly sound great for their size. Moreover, the portable speakers are very simple to fold together and give you mobile sound that does not break your bank whatsoever. Even better, they come in a variety of artwork printed on the speaker boxes and OrigAudio also gives you an easy way to customize their look (price varies) with logos, images, brands and even choice of a triangle speaker if you don’t want to feel too square.

orig audio origami speakers

Rock-It portable Vibration Speaker is another neat audio device from OrigAudio but this one is a little more involved and with it…also easier to carry along when traveling, going to a friend’s house and putting to every day use. Simply put, it is a portable vibration device that after being plugged into your iPhone or other music player, releases the music with the collaboration of external products and practically turns anything into a speaker. Besides the Rock-It example video below, it is simply providing external vibrations (and sounds) that can then be placed on an empty box, flat surface or almost any other solid item and uses the specific item to play the music for all to hear. Sounds weird? It is, but we are happy to say that it provides a fun and great music experience, with many possibilities as to what can be used to output the music through. We have tried boxes, desktop tables, actual speaker boxes, old school TV’s and anything else we could place the Rock-It on. The bottom line…true portable music no matter where you are at; you can use almost anything you could put your mind to, and if you are traveling, camping, or spending the night somewhere and don’t want to carry any portable speakers…then this mobile solution really answers your need. Moreover, it is only $49.99.

portable vibration speaker rock it

From the two OrigAudio gadgets above, the portable speakers do not need any batteries, for they are utilizing the portable audio/video device’s power. On the other hand, the Vibration speaker requires two AAA batteries (or USB or DC Power), but besides that, it is even more portable than the foldable speakers, for it comes in a neat hard case that latches closed with the wire wrapping neatly around it.

mobile vibration speaker rock it

I gotta hand it to OrigAudio, as in practical gadgets that are really fun to use, they have really brought forth cool ideas and implemented them rather well. We hope to see some more cool gadgets from them in the near future.