Comet Phone Booth: an Innovative and Portable Telephone Booth

There are many projects going on in this world and some of them are very intriguing, and one of such projects is Comet Phone Booth, worked out at the Interaction Design Programme, which is movable and not static like the traditional telephone booths found all over the world.

The booth actually uses a hair dryer helmet to do the function. Quite an innovation that left me speechless! How could one use a hair dryer to make a phone call? Here is the explanation from DKDS.

The guys hacked the Arduino circuits on to an old hair dryer and applied their scientific knowledge to integrate it with a chair to produce what we know as “Comet Phone Booth”. Something called magic booth for simple minds!

Let’s discuss the process. By default, the device remains in standby mode but once the user sits on the chair and puts on the helmet, a red light glows up signaling that ‘it is in use’ and guides the user to make a phone call. The user keys in the number using a hefty keypad (shown below) that comes along with it. Rest of the process is invisible but the outcome is not. The desired call gets placed for conversation to follow.

The helmet serves to you the incoming voice of the person you are talking to and the microphone placed inside captures your voice to be sent over. Once the conversation is over, users leaves the chair and the booth goes back to stand-by mode.

The big thing is that the booth is movable meaning we may soon see a telephone booth in its portable version. It would be great to see the booths being moved to the location where the potential users are, like to a sports stadium when the public is going on or coming out of. Same applies to the cinema halls. Surely, you found other uses. Lets hear them in comments.

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