18 Geeky and Funny Webcams

Webcams are referred to as the “eye” today due to its widespread usage, and no wonder there are so many-for all your individual geeky needs. While some vary in their designs, some vary in their features. It seems that there is a webcam to suite each ones individual need so let’s check out the unique ones. Here are 20 webcams… each one different in its own aspect.

1 ANEO GX-10 Webcam

All webcams are designed with a specialty.  This one comes with 3 games along with it, mainly being Super Knight, Kung fu and Funny Stair. The specialty of this webcam is that the video that is recorded by it is linked with the games i.e, the actions made by you is projected real-time into the game. In short, it is a camera which offers a new gaming experience.


2 Baby Angel Webcam

This webcam is designed to look like a small kid with a wizard’s hat. Despite its appearance, this USB webcam offers resolutions up to 1280*960 and runs at a maximum fps of 15. Other than this, it also has a special feature of being able to rotate the head by am complete 360.



3 Foot Webcam

Webcams are designed in unique methods to increase their attractiveness. This foot webcam, as the name suggests, is designed to look like a foot. The webcam, include features like LED lights and microphone making it the ideal webcam for a video conference in the night, including frame rates of 15fps @ 640*480 and 30 fps @320*240.



4 Watermelon Shaped Webcam

At first glance, it may look like a plastic watermelon, but inside is a webcam which offers a verity of features like 8x Megapixel, 10 X zoom , a frame rate of up to 30 fps for 24-bit RGB format for videos etc. It also contains a 2.0 X megapixel CMOS sensor. All these features are combined into this camera which weighs just 191 g…definitely unlike a real watermelon.



5 Dinosaur Webcam

Don’t mistake this for a toy…it is a very useful webcam which looks like a dinosaur. This webcam offers resolution up to 350 k with a frame rate of up to 30 fps.



6 ‘Mike the Dog’ Webcam

Made by the company Uxsight, this webcam looks like plush dog, and is designed for the purposes of video conferences. It offers a good resolution of 640*480 with a transmission rate of 30 fps and consisting of display color of 24 bit with CMOS sensors of high resolution.



7 Flower Webcam

Flowers inspire a lot of innovations, and this cam is one of them. Designed to look like a pretty pink flower, it has 12 LED lights thereby enabling the user to use this in low light conditions as well. It comes with 640*480 resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps. It comes with a flexible neck for angle adjustment. This is another display of creativity by the manufacturers.



8 Multi-purpose Webcam – Voice Messaging, Fan, LED light

Web cams need not necessarily take pictures only, and this particular one is a 4 in 1 package. Firstly, it has a webcam with the standard resolution. Then, there is a microphone for the purposes of voice messages etc. After that there is an LED light for the purpose of light while taking photos when the light is very dim and lastly, is the fan to keep you cool at times. Handy, isn’t it?



9 Hello Kitty Webcam

Rovio is, manufactured by Skynet a. Rovio is a robotic webcam equipped with a speaker and a microphone enabling 2 way audio. With an internet connection ,Rovio can be operated from anywhere in the entire world. It can controlled from an Iphone or even a PS3. Rovio can be programmed to have checkpoints at specified locations, using which it will navigate automatically.



10  Robot Bird Webcam

This bird webcam id designed specifically for the bird lovers. The bird bead contains a 3.0 Megapixel cam and it comes along with speakers. These speakers are attached to the wings which can folded or opened depending on the requirement. The head and legs are also detachable increasing its portability.



11 Santa Claus Webcam

With all those webcams, there is no wonder about this USB powered Santa webcam which is a Christmas release. With high quality resolution of 640×480, there is no need to compromise on quality of the pictures taken. It offers a frame rate of 30 fps with 640*480 CMOS imaging sensors .



12 Retro Camera Webcam

This webcam looks like a movie camera. It offers standard features like 640*480 resolutions with a frame rate speed of up to 30 fps. In addition, it comes with a tripod stand which can used to set up on top of the monitor or anywhere else, and is compatible with Mac and PC.



13 Eco Friendly Lili Webcam

Conserving our environment has become the need of the day. Thinking along those lines, this camera has been made out of eco-friendly materials like kapok tree fiber rather than the normally used polyurethane foam. Though it is made of a different materials the features still remain the same mainly being 4 port 2.0 USB hub, built in microphone, frame rate of up to 30 fps etc.


14 R2-D2 webcam

This is shaped just like the famous droid R2-D2 droid from the series of books and movies Star Wars. It is a wireless webcam which can be operated from anywhere with a proper internet connection. Moreover, it consists of an inbuilt remote sensor to prevent it from hitting obstacles or falling of tables and arrives with a lightsaber which doubles as a remote enabling you to move the droid and take pics as you wish. Lastly, it also functions as a skype phone headset making this a very compact and nice webcam.


15 Missile Launcher Webcam

This webcam is a pretty much a normal webcam except for a few special features. The main one being that it comes attached with a Missile Launcher attached to it. You can not only share pictures, have video conferences, voice messages but also share missiles as long as the other person is with a range of 15 feet. There is an software which enables you aim and shoot and makes groovy sound effects while the missile is being launched


16 Heart Shaped Webcam

The heart webcam is a 3 in 1 package and is available in two colors, pink and blue. The cam is divided into 2 halves, right and left. The right side contains the camera, while the left side rotates revealing a set of LED lights which can be used for lighting purposes. It also contains an in-built microphone.



17 Minoru Webcam

The Minoru webcam, made in Japan, means reality. The specialty about this webcam is that it adds an extra dimension to the pictures and videos. With this cam, you can take 3-D pictures and video and chat with people across the world with a 3 dimensional view. However, to do so one must use the 3D glasses that come along with the webcam.



18 Lego Webcam

Lego webcam is one of the latest design trends in webcam design. The webcam looks a regular lego block and it has a variety of features like the standard 30 fps frame rate. It has an inbuilt magnet which allows you to stick it to any metal surface for taking pictures. Other than this, it also has an integrated  microphone and a 3.2 M picture interpolate