Weta District 9 To Prove The Prawn’s Existence In Earth

Neill Blomkamp impressed every one with his sentimental Science fiction movie, District 9, and with revenues exceeding 204 million, this movie filled everyone’s mind with anxiety about Wikus, the unlucky protagonist who ended up as a prawn.

This movie just blew away every one’s mind and expectations with sky high output. There were a few reasons behind Neill’s success. The main reasons were acting of the cast, the story, graphics, sound and the foremost thing, The “Prawns” and their environment including their spaceship in Weta District 9.

I know there is no one who can’t appreciate the genuineness of these prawns and their environment, especially their body and their spaceship. Have you ever wondered who would be the genius behind this masterpiece?

This is the work which happens when a team works together and this creation’s credit goes to “Weta’s Design team”. The master-trio Greg Broadmore, David Meng and Leri Greer have won my heart with their creativity as they proved it with no limits.

Weta along with this trio had created a magical, fantastical imaginary world. The world seen in District 9 was done by them and Weta had also contributed for all the actual props used like weapons and the Toyota Hi-Luxes along with the special costumes for the movie.

Every thing was fixed smartly while keeping the aesthetic sense alive. David Meng’s mind worked behind designing and sculpting the Prawns. Greg Boardmore designed all the alien technology, vehicles and weapons.

The Exo suit was also designed by him. Leri Greer was responsible for the graphical language and items with the extremely emotional ending of the movie.

Their work has been highly recognized and I hope that they keep on creating such designs even in future.

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