Star Wars AT-AT DIY Kit Hides Messy Wires at Home

In the Star Wars universe, we have seen several walkers, which are fictitious vehicles, and as they traverse the landscape of the strange lands with the help of their mechanical legs, the AT-AT is the most popular of them all.

All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) looks pretty cool and that is perhaps why someone from the Far East has used several wooden pieces to create a seemingly working model of the DIY AT-AT walker.

The model looks almost like the real one, and comes with storage space to keep a lot of things. You could use it to store your money, secret letters and even ugly wires that may look messy.

I guess the AT-AT DIY set can even be bought only if you can understand what is written in the instructions. You can apparently choose the color you want to paint the AT-AT with, and the DIY kit comes with attached sandpaper, screws and butterfly nuts.

You would however need a hammer, a screwdriver and some wires along with the kit. Official price of the Chinese DIY AT-AT Kit is 55 Yuan. If the DIY kit sounds like a lot of mechanical work, try the AT-AT Walker Bed in which you can sleep for hours. When you wake up hungry, you could gulp down morsels of AT-AT Cake.