Walyou Random Roundup [March 6, 2010]

It is a wonderful weekend again, and with it the regular Walyou Random Roundup that includes many fun posts from around the web provided to us by friends, readers and were randomly picked by us.

We hope you enjoy the Roundup this week, have a wonderful weekend and keep sending us tips to [email protected].

usb flash drive lock

Have Fun!

1. Lock Your Data in this Cool USB Flash Drive Lock (GadgetHer)

2. Ordinary objects…enhance (TheChive)

3. 116 Secret Fast Food Menu Items (I Am Bored)

4. 25 Uses For Old Beer Cans  (HolyTaco)

5. New Video: OK Go, ‘This Too Shall Pass’ (MTV)

6. Calculator Gameboy Will Help You To Overcome Your Snoozes During Math’s Practices (WiiNoob)

7. Google Wave Cyber Sex (CollegeHumor)

8. Why Am I Not Surprised?: An Avatar Tattoo (Geekologie)

9. MSI to debut worlds first full HD 3D all-in-one PC (Geek With Laptop)

10. Steve Jobs MacBook Decal (GeekyGadgets)

11. The Human Eyeball Webcam (GadgetHim)

12. Minimalist Stephen King Movie Posters (Neatorama)

13. Band Recreates Famous Paintings in Music Video (Urlesque)

14. Inspiration for Designers by Erik Johansson (PSDeluxe)

15. If Tim Burton Remade ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ (I Watch Stuff)

16. Alice in Wonderland circa 1903 (FredFlare)

17. A Six-foot depiction of Christ on 153 slices of Toast (Illusion 360)

18. New Tomb Raider Game – Download Only (Zath)