Multi Functional Multimedia Pen Design

Pens have a really interesting history because before our ball pens and ink pens, people used to dip feather tips in some kind of fluid and used to write. The actual first ever ball point pen was created on 1888 and since then the advancements coming up. I guess 122 years was a long time for waiting for such an advance pen. Though there is no such specific names for these pens but looking to its functional ability can be called ‘Multi-pen‘.

I know the name is not too exciting, but I hope the designer Peter Vardai , the Hungarian Designer comes up with an exquisite name for this magnificent device. The features of this killer pen is that it’s nib is changeable so that you can use is as a ballpoint-pen for sometime, then change it into a fountain-pen or mechanical pencil or even a digital pen.

The other exquisite features are that it has Expandable units like a camera, microphone, laser pointer, chop, corrector, USB connector and a Wlan receiver to connect your computer and Internet!

Its LED lights can also act as a torch and it even contains a music player along with a memory card for the photos and music files and battery to make everything run.

Even the various parts of the pen are interconnected with small plugs to provide power to all the sectors to stay connected. The pen can be charged through its dock, which also collects the data from the computer.

He had actually created designed it for a competition, the subject was “a pen for a business gift”. I guess he will win the first prize for this out of the world design.

A pen is such a thing that can turn any outcome. As you all are familiar with the quote “A pen is mightier then a sword”. I guess it’s really applicable for such a powerful gadget and this combo of digitalization and manual working of pen really will create a new revolution for pens. After all, this is our future people. You can see some extra ordinary designs like Solar Active Speaker or Otamatone Musical Instrument , which really will attract you.

Via : Designblog