The Focusdrill To Make You A Eminent Photographer

If you want to be a good professional photographer, should have two main qualities apart from others. One is, to look at the scene as you want to pretend it to be and pointedly shoot the same as you want to present the scene with your idea to others. The FocusDrill is all about to make it easy to shoot quality photography the way you want to express. It’s a DIY Project by Slerman.

This FocusDrill is made of a Millers Falls Hand drill of 1935 make. This Miller Falls Hand drills are made of Steel frame with hardwood hand and handles. Its Mushroom shaped side handle is very comfortable to hold and move. The Rotating barrel lock allows access to storage area in hollow head. Spring-less, three-jaw chuck is adjustable. Drive gear painted in red and other parts or rods are nickel plated.

You can do this project at your home with cumulating some spares together from your near by hardware stores, which are required a hand drill, some steel rods, a Calmat Mini Studio Clamp and a belt made from clear corrugated shelf lining paper. Actually the rubber bands to holds the backside of the drill straight to prevent of vibration. The drill need not to be tampered except to remove the back handle and replace the side mushroom shaped handle with a bolt to turn the drill onto a tiny clamp. The baby clamp holds with a threaded metal rod, which to be fitted passing through the Gitzo Fluid head. To make a focus point it’s used a dry erase marker. You can see the process step by step at site.

You can see that from front side its just looks like a Rifle strongly fitted on a stand to shoot. That means you can get a proper pointed shooting with your camera and with moving of rotator you can concentrate to your focused area avoiding the surroundings. One movie demonstration is there at site too for your reference.

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