Lord of the Rings Bobble Heads

If you have ever dreamed of having The Lord of the Rings’ characters’ extensive collection in the form of Bobble heads that could fit perfectly in your room, then your wait ends here. Introducing to you The Lord of the Rings Sauron Bobble Head and Lord of the Rings Gollum Bobble Head.

Sauron was the Dark Lord and titular Lord of the Rings, a fallen sorcerer who helped the Elves forge the Rings of Power long ago. He forged the One Ring in secret to control all the other Rings of Power. This main antagonist in the form of plastic Bobble Head stands 6” tall with his trusty black mace, in a fancy window box for just $12.99. I guess this is the best deal any true Lord of the Rings fan could ever dream of!

To add on to this collection, also check the Gollum Bobble Head. Gollum is known as creature of Hobbit origin that formerly possessed the One Ring, which caused him to turn almost wholly evil and also gave him unnaturally long life! This plastic Gollum bobble head stands 6-inches tall and comes in window packaging, boxed in a decorative and attractive display only for $12.99.

Both these Bobble Heads are all set to hit the market in coming April 2010, so place a pre-order to grab this tempting deal and these creatures will be delivered to you.

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