A Groovy Top Gear Bottle Opener Worth $204

Well, if I someone would ask me for innovative possibilities in respect to bottle openers, my mind will quickly drift to ideas like adding a keychain, putting vinyl stickers of cartoon characters or probably an animated open teethed jaw. Yet, something like the Top Gear Bottle Opener would have never passed my mind. Who would think of kitchen accessories that are inspired by metal spare parts? As a matter of fact someone did and that too very uniquely.

The Top Gear Bottle Opener is a perfect tool to open bottles of soft drinks or much favorite beer pints. Unlike other openers, it can stand upright on any flat smooth surface. You could be wondering how a round surface on the inside open bottle caps. You just got to hook the opener to the metal cap, push and then pull it back. Thinking this fancy shiny piece of accessory would take more time as compared to its conventional counterparts would be a mistake, for this would be much faster at its task.

The price of $204 is way too much for a brass bottle opener.  If I could find a cast foundry, I would make one myself by using metal scrap than buy this one.  for more groovy kitchen gadgets check out the Frullino Electrical Frother, UV Disinfectant Wand and Glow in the Dark Skeleton Apron and Mittens.