Pocket Size Mp3 Player Mixing Deck To Relive Your Dream As A DJ

Every one aspires to fulfill his or her dreams but most of the time, due to family pressure or many other external effects, we fail to do so and end up working in some office. I don’t know about others but if you have an urge to do DJ stuffs then this can be your own pocket DJ Deck. This “MP3 Player Mixing Deck” which can help you relives your dream. Not only relive your dream but be a source of enjoyment during the boring extra hours in office when you and few of your colleague work while the rest of the office is at home, enjoying.

It works in a really easy way as you just have to slide the slider according to you. The way you want to mix the song, just move the slider back and forth. By this, you can mix two songs at once but sadly, only the turntable will be missing. It can get attached with any standard 1/8th headphone jack and speakers thanks to the cables included with it. These cables measure up to 40” so that you don’t have any adjustment problem.  You can even preview the next song with a separate Headphone Jack.

With a size of 4.5” x 2.5” x 1.25”, it can accompany you wherever you go and its 4 AAA batteries will give you and your mates unlimited fun. One thing is that the batteries’ life depends upon you as it’s not going to be provided with the device.  If you want to relive your dream and carry an all time entertainer with you, this costs $24.99.

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