Bent Spoons and Forks iPhone Stand

Fork and spoon is something that might remind you of hunger, but who could have thought of a creation that would turn these cutleries into a fantastic iPhone stand. This original artwork with its wild concept will be a perfect bedside table companion for you.

This idea of iPhone stand that was initiated by designers at ForkedUpArt stands fully functional, leaving clear access below for charging while being held up by spoons for legs. Also, you can use that stand without removing your iphone case, unlike most other stands. This super-cool stand ca be on your table by just paying $20 for ol’ Fork Head, or choose the Spoon Man version if you’re not into the heavy metal death spike thing. But this item does not include iPhone or cable.

You can also flaunt this artwork to your friends and relatives with your selection of taste, by putting it on your bedside table, desk, table, counter, or wherever you store and charge your cell phone. This silverware not only holds your iPhone, but is also perfectly suited to hold many other phones, iPods, music players, and other such gadgets.

What’s more? This store is ready to make the stand according to your specifications of measurements too, if you would like a special fit. O grab this fork ground to thread your phone between these two spoon legs.

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Forked Up Art Via: iPhone Savior