Adorable Gummy Bear Lights are Definitely Irresistible

Gummi bears are something every kid or even adult love having at any time so why not make it a permanent member of your home with the World’s Largest Gummy Bear or with designer lights? Yes, this is quite possible, thanks to Kevin Champeny who has designed them in such an adorable manner that you can surely not resist.

These great lighting Jellio Gummylights, which are so accurately executed, are inspired from penny candy beauties, and are bound to make the sweetest lamps for your kids’ room.

These soft, rubbery lights will just lift up your mood in the daytime with its cute statement. But you’ve got to wait for night to see their real magic, as they turn to charm you with the coolest lights you would have ever seen. Wondering how is that possible? The Gummy Bear lights have tiny LED’s in their butts that are battery powered, which make you hassle-free from the cords. Three lithium batteries are included, and these batteries will last for approximately 20 hours in use.

All you have to choose is your favorite color, because these Gummylights are available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Clear, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink and come from the same company who brought you the Gummy Bear Chandelier.

You can have these Jellio Gummylights that stand 7” high x 4” tall for $125 each, or else go for a set of five that will cost you just $500.

Give these coolest lights to your kids so that they have company in the dark, something they would never be scared of!

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