Han Solo Cake Frozen in Carbonite…Then Eat Him!

Culinary creations and art are always a fun and unique way to eat your favorite interests with cool cake designs and other food art that looks so tasty. This Han Solo frozen in Carbonite cake is a perfect example of how a poor guy stuck in a material that should never have been used for this purpose can still be flat out delicious. I’ve always been a bit of a passive Star Wars fan, but I have to say this cake is pretty impressive compared to the original. You have to appreciate the detail of the imagery, although I can’t wrap my head around of all the scenes in Star Wars, you’d want a cake like this one for your birthday. Surely an edible X-wing or AT-AT (My  brother’s son asked for one such a cake with Darth Vader stabbing into it next to an Ewok. I’m not sure why either, but my brother delivered quite well) would make for more compelling scenery? Maybe not.

Naturally if you’re like me, our first task is to deconstruct exactly what this cake is made of. Its original creator sort of winged it for this cake’s construction, but it turned out great apparently. The cake inside is as Grey as the outside with a layer of butter cream icing. The outer cover is actually a variant of marshmallow fondant. If you’re curious, the recipe is made up of marshmallows, icing sugar, and some water with shortening. Apparently the material takes quite a bit of kneading until it becomes more elastic. Also be sure to keep the work area greased up or you’ll end up with the stuff allover your hands instead of where you need it!

Now if you’re a regular reader of Walyou you are likely no stranger to Star Wars cake interpretations like the Millennium Falcon Cake or even Super Mario Brother Truffles if Nintendo food is more your style, but this cake’s creator definitely deserves some credit. If you were going to create your own Star Wars themed cake, what do you think you would pick? I always like the AT-ATs myself (bigger is better) but having seen one made already I think I may have to pick up a Star Wars cake project of my own. How about a delicious Rancor?

Tickly Moo Via: Geekstir