Color By Numbers Toilet Paper

How many times have you come across something in the washroom that has really caught your eye? (except the sights of other people’s indecent habits), well to be frank I have rarely come across something that caught my eye so much as this “Color me up!” toilet paper. Now this might not sound as cool as the other stuff listed on our site but trust me this comes in real handy when you are getting  bored doing nothing but sitting on that toilet seat waiting to get your bowels empty!

This only image of this roll of creative toilet paper features a large number of sketches that require a small touch of your coloring skills to happily send them down the drain and to also assist the user, the places to be filled with color have been well numbered and a respective key has also been provided at the bottom of each empty sketch, all done to make sure that the little pieces of toilet papers are set off in a happy mood!

This one may look like an outcast as compared to the other stuff listed on our site but then again please do not jump to conclusions before you have a look at the Toilet Paper Puzzle or the Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper that is a sure Butt Saver even in the dark!