Lamborghini Ankonian and Madura Would Steal Your Heart

Lamborghini cars have always been a sensation since the day of their launch, and here we have out of the box Ankonian and Madura concept by the same company, which I must admit have an exceptionally brilliant architecture that it would steal your hearts like it has done to me. All of the car freaks must be aware of the 2015 launch of Hybrid model of Lamborghini, but here is something that would make you say “Please make these concepts a reality”. Slavche Tanevski is the mind behind these innovative Lambo concepts that are conceived to be brought to life for sales.

Those of you, who were lucky enough to glance at the Lamborghini Madura concept, would for sure get confused to see Lamborghini Ankonian concept by the same designer Slavche Tanevsky. The Anakonian is as appealing as the Madura and it even supercedes Reventon in an extraordinary manner. To make it eco friendly, the company has downsized the model and hasn’t employed any high grade technologies. If you remember, you must have seen the Ankonian in the year 2008 as the design chosen to be converted into a 1/4 scale clay model.

The designer Slavche Tanevski revealed that it took him around 6 months to bring this model to life and he came up with this design after his experiments with the surface management and proportions. This is the only reason that the final design looked more professional instead of giving immature look of the creation of a newbie artist.

If we check out its design from the front to the end, we see that a strip of OLEDs is embedded in the place of the front headlights, giving it an appealing appearance. As the designer’s first project got great recognition, he began working on his next model wherein he conceived a hybrid model, which he named as Madura. Slavche Tanevski believes that environment friendly cars can also look ravishing and have great speeds. Its sleek and streamlined front comprises of the electric engine under its bonnet, and spoiler with blades stuck in between to give depth to the design along with better cW result. I don’t know whether Smart Car Designs of Sports Cars or Lamborghini Concept Drives on Water has become a reality or not but Madura is expected to be released in 2016 and I am waiting to see this innovative yet sophisticated model running on the roads. If you are a car freak, you can also have a look at Fly and Drive with ParaJet SkyCar.

Via: CarAdvice