19 Cool & Geeky Periodic Table Of Elements Art

If you are a student of Chemistry, or if you ever chose science as one of your subjects in school, you would know what the Periodic Table of Elements is, and you are probably more familiar with its elements than other Geeks such as Gamers, Comic lovers and Hackers. Basically, it is one of those tables that are held closely to the heart by every geek at some point in his/her life, whether they are inside or outside the lab. While all the jocks and cool kids stay away from the lab as it smells so bad, the geeks always hang around the lab with their beloved periodic tables.

Once they are out of school or University, you may assume they would forget their periodic table. Well, you are definitely wrong if you thought so. Here is a collection of  19 Geeky and Weird Periodic Table of Elements remakes inspired and dedicated to the Geeks who studied them. These show that geeks still love their periodic tables and would like to cherish the memory of the lab through these products, designs and art.

Periodic Table Bathroom

If you are the kinda person who would avoid taking baths, and would rather play games all day and night, you need something to inspire you to get inside the shower. Try these cool products!

The Periodic Table Shower Curtain could tempt you to take baths often and stay clean.

The Periodic Table Soap helps you smell good, and also helps you avoid showers.

The Periodic Tables Shower Tiles entice you to get inside the bathroom often, and who knows you could take you geeky partner inside as well!

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Periodic Tables Cakes

Geeks who love chemistry may sometimes feel the need to include their favorite subject in the diet as well. Here is a list of eatables which are inspired by the dreaded periodic tables.

The Periodic Table Chocolate Cake may make even the non-chemistry loving people open their mouth wide open, and drool.

The Periodic Table Cupcakes could be baked by chemistry lovers when they have a lot of time, and when old school-mates arrive for tea.

Here is another Periodic Table Cake, which proves that chemistry lovers must love cakes more than any other eatables.

This Periodic Table Cake makes you almost sick with its sweetness, and you could try maybe carving Periodic Tables on a steak instead!

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Periodic Table Art

If there was a myth about chemistry lovers, it was that they do not understand art. They understand art too, in an elemental way as evidenced in these forms of expression.

These Periodic Table Taxis and Buses show that there are a lot of drivers who chose a career in the public transportation industry, only to realize that they miss the lab at school a lot. Thus, here are taxis and buses with periodic tables of elements.

This is a really nice Periodic Table poster which you could use as a screen-saver, if you love your elements.

If you like music a lot, you could create your own Periodic Table of Music Groups, just like this elemental music fan here.

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Periodic Table Geek Art

Although there isn’t much difference between geeky art, and art by geeks, these geeky artworks are created by geeks who love gadgets and games.

Here is a Periodic Table of Video Game Characters.

If you never want to forget all the controllers ever released, try the Periodic Table of Controllers.

The Periodic Table Keys could be used by any geek who knows his elements more than regular computer keyboards.

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Periodic Tables Fashion

If you need guidance to wear the right stuff, it is quite possible that you are a hardcore geek. If you find fashion confusing and annoying, all you could do is buy something that reflects your personality. Here are some periodic table inspired fashion goods.

The Periodic Table Jewelery allows you to dazzle the nights when you go out with your equally geeky lover.

The Periodic Table Sweaters allow you stay warm and comfortable while never forgetting your elements and compounds.

Oh, this is yet another Periodic Table Sweater which would allow you to learn all the elements by heart and remember them even when you get ridiculously old.

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Periodic Table Blanket

During Winters, you may feel sad and lonely as your chemistry-loving friends are long gone, and no one can be found on Facebook. To warm yourself up on such cold and lonely nights, you could get yourself this funny Periodic Table Blanket.

Periodic Table Furniture

If you are a geek who loved chemistry while in school, you probably need something in the house that would remind you of all the smells and formula. You could try and get the Periodic Coffee Table, and brag about how good you were at chemistry in school.

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Like you may have observed, Periodic tables need not be boring, and you could try and get products or make art yourself which are inspired by these elemental signs. Who knows, they might even encourage and inspire you to go back to the chemistry lab again!