Use ±Pole For Your Own Visual Explorations

For all the electronic gadget lovers, this retro and a practical design is just perfect for you to try and makes for a great Interactive visual presentation. This designed pole interactive installation has visuals that allow different users to play with wood pieces in a table, controlling elements projected on the floor in an appealing way.

The project by Ishac Bertran, who also brought the Linyl Light Records, was exhibited at the Final Exhibition of the Computational Design course and gives you an amazing platform for exploration. What’s interesting is that ±pole allows multiple users at a time to play with groups of particles and polarized elements by placing wood blocks on the table to control the digital elements all by themselves.

These colored visuals are developed with processing that consists of a system of particles that is affected by three types of elements controlled by wooden blocks of 3 different types: a generator that shoots the particles at a certain frequency, while attractors and deflectors create the force fields that affect the trajectories of the particles.

This cool gadget creates a complex system in real-time for experimentation while creating appealing visuals according to your own movements, just making it all the more fun. The table has a glass surface which is sandblasted to disperse the light. The visuals are captured by a camera using ReacTIVision.

You can use this gadget as a platform for your children to explore the world of science.

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