Text Friendly iCalculator Tries to Ride Popular i-Wave

Long before cellphones, desktops and laptops were here,  pocket radios and calculators were in vogue and they were accomplices of retro geeks. With the arrival of cellphones with inbuilt fm radios and calculators these old gadgets have lost popularity. Here is good old calculator being remodeled and sold as text friendly iCalculator for the new geek generation. This seems to be more of an attempt to ride the popular i-wave which is surging ahead thanks to iPhone and iPads.

The only innovation in the new design of calculator is the circular number and operation text key pad and the overall design resembling the classic iPod. Apparently it is more text friendly simple calculator for the texting generation. There seems to be something missing in the translation. Where exactly lies the innovation? For iPhones, cellphones, laptops all have inbuilt calculator so why would some geek carry an extra gadget? Maybe it is for the non geeks who shun the new techno products and still long for the return of simple gadgets like pocket radios and pocket calculators. With this one in hand they can easily strike a pose as geeks for it is deceptive and looks like some new igadget with circular keypad. This iCalculator costs $5 and is a good deal for students and people who still reach out for calculators.

Actually calculators will always be popular among students, so there may be takers for iCalculators and even other innovative ones like the Cool Water Powered Calculators and Lego Calculators.

Via Foolish Gadgets