Scriba Writing App Brings Back the ‘Lost Personal Touch’ in Writing

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Writing letter is an art, we were often told in the childhood and among other things, care, precision and planning are some of the characteristics quintessential for coming up with a good piece of letter. No doubt it is still an art, but things have changed considerably. One can correlate it directly to the use of and dependence on Personal Computers and all of sudden, you don’t need the to worry about those essentials of good writing anymore. You can use the Backspace/Delete key to handle an error, thus forget about planning and precision, although if you observe them, time is reduced and quality is improved. But there is something more we had in mind when I said considerably… now you may not be writing a letter anymore, if you go for downloaded stuff and prefer just editing your initials and credentials… to create a letter/CV on the Go. That’s what we do, No? At least, me.

Quite agreeably, amidst all such convenience and ease of using PC for writing letters, Bio-data, CV, etc we lost the very ‘personal touch’ from the them. For example the piece of writing of mine that you are reading right now, would have had an altogether different experience for you had this was written by me in my handwriting. Ok, enough lamenting about it, lets see what we got and why we’re going through all this. Hence, for my friends, who missed the peculiarities of handwriting, there is hope in an application called as Scriba created by Ishac Bertran, Laura Boffi and Pedro Nakazato, which aims at restoring the lost personal touch of human handwriting to whatever is keyed into it.

Scriba is simply an application that will bring back the the nuances of handwriting back, in some rather predefined formats. It captures as you hit the keyboard and will present the text in handwriting formats predefined into it – and maybe an add-on may come which will allow you to define your handwriting style in the Scriba, very much possible, I say.

Various customizations are also involved, call them ‘feature’ candies. Like it will analyze the light and sound quality/quantum to have a understanding your environment, for whether it is good or unfriendly – only from writing point of view – in case of latter, your writing will get irregular and bend accordingly on the screen. Plus it may not correct the errors occurred while writing to retain what we called ‘personal touch’ – hope for options to customize some of the features.

scriba app screenshot

So next time you write a love letter or such stuff to your close one, try impressing with Scriba – we presume your writing is capable of such, safely. Plus an old adage, one can judge the person through his writing.. looks like it is gonna get popular again, thanks to Scriba.

All in all, a good app to go back to traditional ways, for a change and yes, fun! Another project from Ishac includes the Linyl Light Record.

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