Walyou Random Roundup [March 13, 2010]

Walyou is proud to present another Walyou Random Roundup for this weekend, which includes many random and fun posts from around the web…as always. This particular Roundup includes posts about Facebook, Logorama, Iron Man, Expensive Pets, Personal Jetpack, Hello Kitty, PS3 Slim Projector and much more.

We always hope you enjoy the roundup and also encourage our readers to send us tips of different things that should be shared with our readers. If you do run across something Geeky, Techy and plain fun, make sure to send it our way to [email protected].

fire alarm ashtray

Have a great weekend!

1. The Fire Alarm Ashtray: An Ashtray That Discourages Smoking? (GadgetHim)

2. The Video Game Bosses’ Lament (College Humor)

3. Academy Awards Recap: 5 Most Awkward Oscar Moments (MTV)

4. The Knock Knock Joke Of Life (I Am Bored)

5. Extreme PS3 Slim Portable Gaming with an Epson Projector (PS3Maven)

6. Believe it or not, these are paintings (The Chive)

7. 13 Most Expensive Pets in the World (Fork Party)

8. 25 Visual Puns (Holy Taco)

9. Programmers Happily Mourn Death of IE6 at a Proper Funeral (Asylum)

10. Hello Kitty Chainsaw (GadgetHer)

11. Personal Jetpack in Production (Geeky Gadgets)

12. Facebook launches payments between friends service (Geek With laptop)

13. Designer Xbox 360 Controllers from Evil Controllers Make Evil a Good Thing! (XboxFreedom)

14. Logorama Takes Home The Oscar. Here’s The Whole Animated Short Film. (If It’s Hip It’s Here)