Bioshock Big Daddy Tree Sculpture Looks Magnificent

Big Daddies from Bioshock 2 protect the Little Sisters but players usually have to slay them in order to gain points. Big Daddies never attack unless provoked and due to their might structure and scary appearance, they could be termed as gentle giants. It is their foreboding looks that makes them look so cool, and when they are enraged, they make for a spectacle.

In fact, they make such a cool spectacle that someone decided to sculpt a tree in to a Big Daddy. All that this amazing sculptor used was a chainsaw and a tree, and after a long and arduous session, he creates what could be the coolest sculpture in the world.

The video is long and monotonous, but the transformation of a tree into a Big Daddy is quite amusing. You could also take a look at the cool Pacman Sand Sculpture if you are into retro games, the Alien Sculpture if you are into environment friendly art or the amazing Triceracopter Dinosaur Helicopter if you want something completely bizarre. Meanwhile, the Bioshock Big Daddy Tree Sculpture is something that deserves a lot of praise!

Via: Geekstir