Steampunk Coilgun Pistol Blasts Onto the Scene

There’s no shortage of Steampunk fanfare these days, and this particular Steampunk weapon, a seemingly simple coilgun pistol, is actually quite a bit more complicated than it looks. If you’re like me, your first thought is probably along the line of “So how does this thing shoot again?” Well the original creator is happy to address our concerns! This coilgun sports an electromagnetic accelerator that uses high voltage to accelerate a magnetic projectile. You’ll need something to deliver said voltage, yes? Well, that’s what capacitors are made for. The charged capacitors then deliver the charge and produce a brief magnetic field which draws the projectile into the center of the coil. Then, in theory anyway, the field is then stopped and you get…well…BANG! In other words, I still have no idea how exactly this thing works. It just does. Accept it and move on.

Actual uses and bulky appearance aside, I have to admit I find most Steampunk creations fascinating, and this one is no different. If you’re wondering about construction, the coilgun’s creator obtained some brass sheet metal from the local hobby shop and used it for the gun’s casing. I’m no metal worker, but I have to believe getting it to fit properly was a huge pain in the ass. Still, props on the completed result, and it even comes with it’s own case and certificate of authenticity. I would think that given the…unique nature of the gun it wouldn’t need one, but you can never be too careful.

Now this gun can in fact actually fire, as the video below shows, or at least I think it shows that. While the first 20 seconds showing the pictures of the gun are clear as day, the display of it’s functionality is confusing at best. What I can deduce from the all-too-dark video is that the gun can shoot some type of projectile through a piece of paper at near point blank range. With that said that this thing can fire at all is pretty impressive. Most of the Steampunk gadgetry that I find seems to be all show. Looks like function is still almost as important as form, after all.

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Via: Make