Universal Charger Bracelet Provides You With a +2 Battery Life

My life completely revolves around my cool gadgets and electronic stuff, and probably so does the life of most of the readers of this post. Now since we belong to the same family of the “gadget freaks” we all might have encountered some similar kind of problems of which the most common would be running out of battery life! This cool USB Wrist Charger is here to solve the very same problem.

There have been quite a number of portable USB chargers that you might have come across like the FuelTank Uno or the ultra cool and stylish PowerMat that allows wireless charging, but like the most of the lot out there they lack a huge sense of practicality which is precisely what the Bracelet charger offers you.

The bracelet charger is small and handy and fits onto your wrist like a cool sci-fi bracelet that serves as your power source. It consists of a Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery (1,500mAh, 5.5V), LED indicators for power-On and 4 level power meter and a dimension of 256 x 34 x 12mm (approx) and weighing just 82gm.

It also comprises of a set 9 connectors for various devices like the iPhone, PSP, Nintendo DSi and many more! The package contains a USB Wrist Band Battery, Mini USB Cable, Charger Output Cable and 9 x Connectors.

And now for the most striking feature of this charger, it is available for only $34.99, which is probably the best bargain in it’s class.