Super Mario Toast Serves As The Perfect Gaming Snack!

Gaming involves a huge number of our body parts to function at once in unison, often leaving the body craving for nourishment, and snacks are probably the best solution to this crisis of food. Now we always like to take things to a new high and as usual some cool hungry geeks turned their mid-gaming snack into a huge piece of gaming art, a huge Super Mario Toast to be precise.

The giant Super Mario is made out of several toasts and bread slices and resembles a greyscale, rather a Brown-scale version of the popular 8-bit gaming character. The giant portrait involves a number of bread slices and toasts that are burnt from perfectly golden to hard and crisp brown, giving the perfect aspect ratio to the character design. One of the most notable feature is that the creator made it a point to use round bun bread for the buttons thus giving a high sense of originality and finish to the final creation.

But it would be very disappointing if the creator of this cool piece of art did not consume the bread after the project was completed, as in my opinion this huge amount of bread would make a great stomach-filling sandwich treat for at least half a dozen guys!

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